Places to play

  • Tennis Clubs are an obvious choice
  • Badminton Centres (they have the right nets and the right lines
  • Contact your local PCYC (Police Citizens Youth Centre), they sometimes have underutilised badminton courts
  • Other Indoor Sports Centres, they often want to fill their spaces with something great like Pickleball
  • Talk to your local councils, they might have vacant ground longing for you to build some pickleball courts 
  • OR they might have public tennis courts they’ll let you convert
  • Hotels & Resorts often have courts that need using, show them how to play, & how easy it is to convert a tennis court to a PB court and you’re away
  • A friend’s driveway — your driveway!
  • Your local gym
People to play with

  • Give your friends a call, obviously
  • Advertise in the free local paper
  • Once you have a venue, hold an open day
  • Start a Meet-Up group
  • Talk to your local schools, they often have kids who can’t play footie or rugby but want to play something. Pickleball is easy to learn
  • Stick pamphlets through letterboxes
  • Put notices up on local notice boards
  • Ask your venue to contact their mailing list (it’s more business for them after all)
  • Offer an exhibition if and when you have good players or invite someone from another club to come to yours
  • Chat up the tennis Pros, turn them into Pickleball coaches, you need good coaches to train the good players you will get
  • Can the council help you?
  • Newspapers write articles on new sports, contact the local sports journo
  • Take a stall or table at a local market or Mind, Body, Spirit. Cover it in Pickleball paddles and balls.
  • Subscribe to the USAPA monthly magazine and print out some photos of players hard at it!
  • Have a little sign-up sheet for an open day and offer free lessons for 3 weeks (your choice!)

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